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Trucking, Evolved.

Embark is making the $700 billion a year trucking industry safer, more sustainable, and more efficient with self-driving software that can power any fleet.

Embark is making the $700 billion a year trucking industry safer, more sustainable, and more efficient with self-driving software that can power any fleet.

  • 10 % better
    fuel efficiency

  • 300 % increase in annual per truck revenue

  • 40 % reduction in delivery time

Based on assumptions available on slide 15 of Embark’s Investor Presentation.

Innovative software,
designed for fleets.

We don’t make trucks. We don’t make science experiments. We make automotive-grade self-driving software that can transform any fleet into an autonomous one. We’re working with the trucking industry to seamlessly integrate self-driving technology into their operations.

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    Tailor-made for trucking.

    Since day one, we’ve had a disciplined focus on trucks. The result is self-driving software that’s designed from the ground-up for long-haul trucking.

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    Better business for any carrier.

    Our technology is designed to be compatible across the major truck OEM platforms. Carriers can run Embark’s software to supercharge their business without switching OEMs.

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    Maximum utilization, bigger profit.

    In addition to addressing the driver shortage head-on, carriers can see a 2x profit margin on AV miles and up to 3x revenue per truck through 24/7 operation.

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    Safer, faster, and more sustainable.

    If you bought it, a truck brought it. By delivering goods faster, more safely, and with a smaller environmental footprint, our technology helps fleets meet the needs of the modern economy.

A nationwide network of transfer points.

Transfer points are where local drivers bring freight from a nearby facility and transfer it to an Embark-enabled truck. The freight can then be driven thousands of miles — completely autonomously — before being delivered to another transfer point near the freight’s final destination.

Better For Drivers, Better for Business.

Our Transfer Point model creates short-haul jobs for human drivers, which means they stay closer to home. Leveraging real estate owned by partners means we stay focused on what we do best — creating software.

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Rolling out to ~90B semi-truck miles

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Lower 48

Expanding to ~300B total miles

A SaaS ecosystem tailored to autonomous trucking from day one.

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Software that sees more than meets the eye.

The Embark Driver sees with multiple redundant sensors, never gets tired or distracted, and is always thinking ahead. It simulates up to 1,200 scenarios per second, with a 60 second prediction horizon while driving.

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Leading the way to self-driving freight.

  • First coast-to-coast drive by an automated truck.
  • First self-driving truck to demonstrate the ability to navigate unmapped work zones.
  • First autonomous truck company to reach 100,000 real-world miles.
  • Opened the world’s first transfer points in Los Angeles and Phoenix.
  • First to bring shippers and carriers together to execute a transfer point operation.
  • First to combine autonomous long haul with electric truck short haul to further reduce supply chain-related truck emissions.

Trusted by the nation’s leading shippers and carriers

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A team of seasoned experts led by founders with an unwavering vision

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With a life-long background in robotics and engineering, founders Alex Rodrigues and Brandon Moak knew successfully commercializing autonomous vehicles would require a narrow focus and clear business case. After spending time getting to know truck drivers and fleets, Alex and Brandon decided to go against the self-driving industry’s conventional wisdom at the time, by focusing exclusively on trucking.

Today, Embark’s deep team of experts is made up of seasoned business leaders, trucking experts, and veteran engineering talent. We’re guided by a world-class board of directors and a team of industry-leading executives.