Embark Trucks, Inc., America’s Longest-Running Self-Driving Truck Program, to Go Public Through Merger with Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. II

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Embark is the longest running self-driving truck program in America. Starting in 2016, at a time when the autonomous vehicles industry was focused on passenger vehicles, our team ignored the hype and trusted their vision that trucking was the best use case for self-driving technology.

Founded by world champion roboticists, we knew that a clear mission, pragmatic focus, and transformative value proposition for the nearly $700 billion trucking industry were the keys to building a successful company. Our investors, Fortune 500 shippers, and some of the nation’s biggest carriers agree.

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By concentrating exclusively on the software and associated services that will power self-driving trucks, Embark offers transformative operational savings and collaborates rather that competes with carriers, truck manufacturers, and tier 1 suppliers. Through our Partner Development Program, carriers like Werner Enterprises, Bison Transport, and Mesilla Valley Transportation and shippers like AB InBev and HP Inc. are working with us to commercialize self-driving trucks.

Embark Product Ecosystem

Embark Product Ecosystem

Embark Product Ecosystem

Embark Truck
Shipper and Carrier Partners

Embark’s culture is defined by creativity, collaboration, and an underdog mentality. It’s the only way to tackle a challenge as big as self-driving, and has led us to accomplishing a range of industry-firsts. We know that every day of hard work moves us closer to a world where consumers pay less for the things they need, drivers stay closer to the homes they cherish, and roads are safer for the people we love.

Embark Firsts

Our Co-Founders

Photo of Alex Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer and Brandon Moak, Chief Technology Officer Photo of Alex Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer and Brandon Moak, Chief Technology Officer

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer and Brandon Moak, Chief Technology Officer

Robotics prodigy Alex Rodrigues started building robots at age 11, eventually winning a world robotics championship as a middle schooler competing against high school teams. Alex and Brandon Moak first met and collaborated while studying mechatronics engineering at the University of Waterloo where they worked together to build Canada’s first self-driving vehicle - an autonomous golf cart named “Marvin”- out of Alex’s Garage.

Following their early success, Alex and Brandon were accepted into Silicon Valley’s premier startup incubator Y-Combinator, where together they developed one of the earliest self-driving electric shuttles and used it to shuttle people around campuses across California. It was then that the duo began getting calls from trucking companies who saw news stories about their self-driving vehicles, wanting to know if the technology could help them with the national truck driver shortage.

Drawing on over a decade of robotics experience, Alex and Brandon knew successfully commercializing something as complex as an autonomous vehicle required a narrow focus and clear business case. After spending time getting to know drivers and fleets, Alex and Brandon made the decision to go against the self-driving industry’s conventional wisdom of focusing exclusively on passenger transportation and go all-in on trucking.

The two launched Embark to improve the safety, efficiency, and cost of moving goods by applying self-driving technology to long-haul trucks. Since then, they have led Embark from an early stage startup to a rapidly growing company leading the charge to commercialize self-driving trucks.


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