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Driven by innovation.

Embark’s technology makes transportation safer and more efficient. We’re working with the trucking industry to transform how goods move.

  • 60 Up to 60 seconds future planning horizon

  • 1200 Up to 1200 scenarios simulated per second

  • 5 Within 5cm control accuracy

AV trucking software born from focus and constraints.

Our founders’ history in robotics has inspired a disciplined and pragmatic approach to technology. We have a narrow focus. We sweat the details. We have been building autonomous driving software exclusively for trucks since day one — allowing us to power the safest, most commercially viable autonomous trucks on the market.

Embark Driver

Moving beyond the brittle, map-centric approaches to safely and efficiently transport goods in any conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Embark Driver

  • What is Vision Map Fusion?

  • How does Vision Map Fusion work?

  • What’s going on in the image above?

Embark Universal Interface

An interoperable self-driving stack that works across truck OEM platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Embark Universal Interface

  • What is the Embark Universal Interface?

  • Why did Embark develop the EUI?

  • How does Embark integrate the EUI with trucks built by OEMs? Is it an aftermarket retrofit?

Embark Guardian

Guardian is a cloud-based autonomous fleet management solution designed to give carriers control over dispatching and management of their autonomous fleet operations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Embark Guardian

  • What is Guardian?

  • Does Guardian mean Embark-powered trucks rely on the cloud to drive?

  • How does Guardian fit with existing fleet management and telematics software?