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Our Story

Embark is the longest running self-driving truck program in America. Starting in 2016, at a time when the autonomous vehicles industry was focused on passenger vehicles, our team ignored the hype and trusted their vision that trucking was the best use case for self-driving technology.

Founded by world champion roboticists, we knew that a clear mission, pragmatic focus, and transformative value proposition for the nearly $730 billion trucking industry were the keys to building a successful company. Our investors, Fortune 500 shippers, and some of the nation’s biggest carriers agree.

By concentrating exclusively on the software and associated services that will power self-driving trucks, Embark offers transformative operational savings and collaborates rather than competes with carriers, truck manufacturers, and tier 1 suppliers. Through our Partner Development Program, carriers like Werner Enterprises, Bison Transport, and Mesilla Valley Transportation and shippers like AB InBev and HP Inc. are working with us to commercialize self-driving trucks.

Embark’s culture is defined by creativity, collaboration, and an underdog mentality. It’s the only way to tackle a challenge as big as self-driving, and has led us to accomplishing a range of industry-firsts. We know that every day of hard work moves us closer to a world where consumers pay less for the things they need, drivers stay closer to the homes they cherish, and roads are safer for the people we love.